Exploring Cornish Tin Mines at Wheal Coates – 04.06.17

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This weeks Sunday stroll saw Nathan and I pop to local Wheal Coates. We do love a Sunday stroll and exploring this beautiful coastline is simply awesome. I love it!

Its a few minutes drive from St Agnes and Chapel Porth. Which are very near to where I live in Porthtowan. Wheal Coates is a former tin mine and its quite a stunning site – especially with a back drop of crystal blue seas and gorgeous cloud free skies! We saw some guys paragliding off the cliffs which looked super fun – not sure Nathan and I would be brave enough to run and jump of the edges though! It’s a long way down to the sea below! How gorgeous are these pictures! They could be made into postcards if I don’t say so myself! I bet this place is a bit creepy at night time when it’s all dark though.


We had a glorious walk down through the mines to the clifftops and walked to find Chapel Porth where we climbed some big rocks and had a sandwich. What a view! It was a really hot and sunny day (not bad for the beginning of June) and we needed our shades to protect our eyes. Nathan enjoyed feeding his crusts to the birds flying around us and it was amusing to watch them try and fight over the morsels we gave to them. There’s also plenty of walks you can take along the coastal path that encounters this stunning piece of coastline.


The area of Wheal Coates is maintained by the good old National Trust and as a member, I could park in the car park for free – always a bonus! Chapel Porth is also owned by the National Trust too and members can park free there too – although it gets super busy in summer! And it’s quite a steep drive down to the car park with quite a narrow path meaning you don’t want to pass anyone enroute down! I speak from experience here as you may be able to tell!


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  1. Stunning view! I would love to sit there and enjoy the breeze and sound of the waves. Is there any information center or a place to read about the history when you’re there?

  2. Really beautiful scenery! Some of these photos remind me of my favorite coastline spots in Oregon. I would be interested to know about the history of such a lovely place also!

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