Visiting BBC’s Broadchurch, or should I Say West Bay, Dorset

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I visited the home of BBC’s hit drama series West Bay in Bridport, Dorset back in June. I met up with my friends Jess, Frances and Steph, who I went to Bournemouth University with. We had a good old explore of the town and a girly catch up.

The drive from home to West Bay was easy and full of sunshine, however, upon arrival at the car park where we had arranged to meet, the skies clouded over and the sun disappeared! It was a like the weather suddenly made a dramatic change and I was initially disappointed that when we reached the harbour we couldn’t see much because of the sea fog!

We decided to go for a spot of lunch and sat outside enjoying our food – I had scampi and chips which always seems like a good idea when you are by the sea! We had a good old natter and admired  Jess’ new dog – what an absolute cutie!

After filling our bellies we went to do some more exploring and came across many places we recognised from having watched Broadchurch. I am a bit of a telly addict and a big Broadchurch fan, so I found it rather exciting to see all some of the filming locations!

We spent some time on the beach and finally, the sun started to come out which was nice! All beaches look better in the sunshine rather than the cloud and fog, don’t they! Steph is getting married soon and so we talked about all things wedding related!

We wandered around the harbour again and found some Purbeck ice cream. There were so many flavours to choose from that I couldn’t decide! In the end, I went for something a bit different that I felt had a local twist and went for Dorset marmalade flavour. It was, well, different! We sat and did some people watching, observing all the tourists and locals milling about enjoying their weekends before it was time for us to depart and head home.

From what I saw of it, I really liked West Bay. It had a nice harbour and beach, and there were plenty of food and drink options. I really liked seeing the links to Broadchurch, which I can’t help but think must bring a lot of tourists like me to the area!

Have you ever been to West Bay? Are you a fan of Broadchurch? Let me know in the comments below!

19 Responses

  1. I have been to West Bay as our friends used to live right in the harbour. This was pre broadchurch!
    I’m not sure what flavour I would pick either-well done for going local!

  2. Your friend Jess’s new dog is absolutely adorable! What a fun little outing to have with your University friends. It looks like you all had a wonderful time!

  3. I bet it was so amazing to visit where Broadchurch is filmed. It looks so stunning indeed. The ice cream looks super delicious too!

  4. I love how spending the day here would mean a completely laid back trip! No pressure on what you have to do for activities. I’d love to explore the place if I get the chance.

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