Viennese Wine Tasting & Cellar Tour with 365 Days in Vienna

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Whilst in Vienna, we were lucky enough to be gifted the Viennese Wine Tasting in a Romanian Cellar Tour by 365 Days in Vienna – the perfect holiday treat for Nathan and I.

We arrived at Has & Has Porta Dextra on a very chilly afternoon in January ready to warm our insides with some good local Austrian wine.  We enjoyed looking around the shops vast array of food on sale including fresh meats, loaves of bread, nibbly bits, fancy popcorn and of course a lot of wine!

We were greeted warmly and shown downstairs into the upper level of the cellar where all the wines were displayed for customers to peruse at their leisure. A little table was set up with some fresh tasty snacks and 2 empty wine glasses just waiting to be filled!

Barney Our Wine Connoisseur

Our wine tasting host Barney joined us and introduced himself. He was super friendly and clearly very enthusiastic about wine and the cellars in which he worked. Barney invited us to ask questions as we go and was very approachable – even to us wine tasting novices! Barney was keen that we tried wines in which we liked and so we told him our preferences for white wine and he adjusted his suggestions accordingly to our tastes.

As we nibbled on the accompanying snack board full of meat, bread and cheese, Barney poured us our first glass of wine to taste – a very easy to drink local wine. Barney told us about the region in which the wine came from, about the grapes used and showed us pictures on a map to give us an idea of its distance from the city and type of landscape on which the wine is produced.

Sneak Peek of the Cellars

Whilst Barney topped up our glasses, he showed us down to the lower levels of the cellars. He told us all about the history of the cellars – which date back centuries – and how the wine would have been transported and stored here in Vienna. There was history to be heard from back to Roman times which makes you realise how long humans have been enjoying wine! I can tell you that after three weeks of being on anti-biotics and not drinking for a few weeks longer, the wine was going down very well indeed at this point!

The cellars can be rented out for events and parties; the brickwork and lighting add to the cool vibe of the place and I can see why it is popular for hosting exclusive functions. We went back upstairs and sampled two further gorgeous tasting white Austrian wines. Again, as with our first wine, Barney told us where they came from, how they were made and any accompanying history about the company.

Decision Time!

After tasting the three wines we chose our favourite and asked Barney to put a bottle aside for us for we were planning to enjoy our final night at our Air B&B with some home cooking and some good wine. Barney left us to it to finish our glasses and the remainder of the snacks (avoiding the horseradish – why is that so popular in Austria?! We finished up, brought our wine and headed back out into the cold crisp Austrian air (for which I think I needed!).

Further Information

The wine tasting experience can be booked through the 365 Days in Vienna website. 365 Days is a company that offers sightseeing tours and excursions allowing both tourists and locals to see the best of what the city has to offer. They offer all sorts of tours including the Scent of the Empress perfume tour, Vienna photography Tour and a chance to discover the secrets of the Fiakers (another tour we tried). They also offer the incredible looking sparkling sightseeing in a classic electric car which includes a 40-minute sightseeing tour with sparkling wine (insert link) and what’s not to like about that?! If you are visiting Vienna anytime soon then certainly get in touch with the lovely Marco from 365 Days in Vienna and get some awesome sightseeing tours booked! 365 Days in Vienna can also be found on Instagram and Facebook so go check them out!

The wine tasting experience costs €27.50 per person (approx £23.00). The duration is stated to last 30 minutes, although we had a little longer with Barney and we weren’t rushed in any way to finish our drinks and snacks after the tasting had finished. There was no pressure to buy any of the products sampled either which was nice – no one likes the hard sell do they!

Final Thoughts

We both really enjoyed our wine tasting experience and appreciated getting to see and hear about the wine cellars too. If you’re interested in wine (and drinking it!), with a bit of history and some tasty snacks thrown in too then this is the tour for you! Big thanks to Barney for being a lovely, friendly and knowledgeable host and for 365 Days in Vienna for gifting us this experience.

***Whilst the wine tasting tour as gifted to us by 365 Days in Vienna in return for this review, all thoughts, opinions and pictures are my own.***


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  1. Sounds wonderful and very relaxed, also very personalised which isn’t often the case during wine tasting events.
    Look forward to reading about more Vienna adventures( when you need a rest from all your work) xx

    1. It was! Very personal and we found some very tasty wine to enjoy that evening! Looking forward to getting back to blogging now and thinking back to our Vienna adventures!

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