A Trip to Coleton Fishacre – 31.12.17

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Our Last National Trust Trip of 2017

We planned a few weeks ago to visit South Devon for New Years Eve and had booked ourselves some self-catering accommodation with Air B&B in Kingsbridge. As we were going to be away for the weekend and visiting a new part of the county we thought we best check out the local National Trust properties and see what we could find. What else would we do on the last day of the year, having visited so many National Trust places this year!! SO before heading to our accommodation in nearby Kingsbridge we stopped off at Coleton Fishacre.

A 1920’s Retreat

Coleton Fishacre (this name seems odd to me for some reason!) is a 1920’s house and is located in Kingswear, Devon. It is a large opulent house situated in lush gardens with views out to sea. Apparently there are plants from South Africa, New Zealand and the Med and lots to explore. We didn’t get much opportunity to walk around the gardens as we were pressed for time (and it was super cold) but I bet they would be great for a walk around when the weather warms up!

The house details the story of the D’Oyly Carte family and is Art Deco in style.Β  There’s lovely views form inside out over the gardens.

Coleton at Christmas

Coleton isn’t open much in the winter months (it is now January and closed) but it opens for Christmas and each year there is a different theme of decorations. This year the house was decorated for a 1920’s Christmas party and the rooms were decorated with impressive dresses and party decorations – posh!

I really enjoyed seeing all the many bedrooms in the house and follow the story of everyone getting ready for a grand Christmas party – it made it even more realistic given it was NYE and lots of people would be getting ready for celebrations.

There’s also Coleton Aglow which is where the garden is lit up over the festive period and visitors are invited to follow a route adorned with fairy lights around the gardens. Apparently there were disco balls shining through the trees and the ponds were lit with colourful lights illuminating the water. We weren’t here at the right time to go on the walk (it wasn’t dark etc) but I reckon this would have been lovely to have seen – maybe next year!!

A Quick Treat

Lunch was long overdue and so we stopped off at the cafe onsite to have a bite to eat. I still had some money left on my NT voucher my sister gave me for my birthday so our treat was even better as it was free! Nathan had a hot dog with onions and a luxury hot chocolate whilst opted for a sausage roll and a elderflower fizz to drink. It was quite busy in the cafe but we were able to grab a table and enjoy our eats. Shout out to my big sister Sarah for the NT voucher – I very much enjoyed using it! MMM YUM!

Wrap Up

I really enjoyed our visit to Coleton, it was fun to see the house open and decorated with a festive theme of which we could get into and imagine (you could have dressed up if you had wanted to!). It was quite busy when we were there but you could see everything and it didn’t feel overcrowded. I would love to visit again next year and see what the theme is then and also see the gardens all illuminated as I imagine this is pretty special.


Have you ever visited Coleton or any other National Trust places? What’s your favourite?Β 

61 Responses

  1. What a beautiful property, you really felt as though you were being taken back to the Roaring Twenties! And that cake is sooo Art Deco. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Yeah, Coleton Fishacre is a little odd for me too, haha. But the house is really pretty and detailed I should say. The cake looks deli!

  3. Omg that place is stunning! I love the decor of the 20s and think it’s fabulous! It looks like you had a great time and the place is huge! Absolutely stunning photos!

  4. Wonderful place to visit and with some festive decorations it must have looked even better. Happy to read you had some great snack together with hot chocolate onsite and it was a positive part of the day, too! Lovely pictures!

  5. This looks so interesting. I love it when I can visit somewhere where I can see how others used to live.. Another time or maybe a totally different culture.. I do agree with you, I also would be curious to see how they will decorate it next year ????????

    1. I totally agree! It’s so interesting to see ‘how the other half live’ and how people did things in eras gone by. I’m sure if I go again there will be another blog post!:) πŸ™‚

  6. Oh wow it looks beautiful here! I am in Somerset so not too far from there, I will have to check this place out. It looks frozen in time, literally like someone pressed the pause button on life. I love that!

  7. Can we just take a moment to appreciate that cake? And your lunch, too. Looks super delicious. (Sorry, I am just about to eat my breakfast and I’m still hungry XD)

    The place looks awesome! So great to see how people lived in previous eras.

  8. What a beautiful place and I absolutely loved the decor you showed in the pictures. Wouldn’t mind visiting myself.

  9. This would be a dream come true for everyone. Such a perfect recommendation for a family staycation trip. I will share this with my hubby.

  10. Coleton Fishacre looks like a lovely place to visit for a day out. I love the idea of decorating with a different theme every year meaning there’s always a reason to head back!

  11. Wow such a nice place to visit in holidays .. Though I never visited such place till now still your vivid description about the place and the amazing pictures are saying it all. I love the ambiance of the place and the decoration of the dining table that had made the place more worthy to give a visit during festive days..Thank you for sharing the information about such a beautiful place..

  12. This place looks absolutely stunning and perfect for a weekend getaway. I love all the decor inside. Your pictures are stunning by the way, thanks for sharing!

  13. This is an awesome experience! I wish will have the opportunity to visit places like this, I would be so grateful for the opportunity for sure.

  14. Coleton Fishacre looks like the best place to celebrate Christmas and usher in the New Year. The ambiance is quite serene and relaxing for that time of the year.

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