Trerice at Christmas – 16.12.17

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Trerice’s Magic

When my friend Emily and I were arranging a Christmas meet up we knew as we were both National Trust Members a trip to an NT property would feature. We decided on Trerice, which is in Cornwall, and met on a rather wet December day.

The car park was surprisingly busy and there was lots of people bustling around and enjoying the property. Trerice had laid on some festive workshops which included wreath making and painting Christmas tree decorations. We didn’t partake in these but I’m sure they were great and I can imagine lots of children would enjoy the decoration painting. There was also the option to make a visit to Father Christmas, which again, for obvious age reasons, Emily and I didn’t partake in!

Christmasses Gone By

This year Trerice had been decorated to represent a Christmas gone by from the 1950’s. In the North Chamber you could see how a Christmas at the Elton family would have looked and there were plenty of children’s toys and games that were from the past. Emily and I enjoyed looking at some of the old fashioned games and imaging what life would have been like for us if we had lived a couple of generations ago and what toys we would have been opening on Christmas morning.

A Bite to Eat

After exploring we decided we needed a little bite to eat. We visited the Barn Restaurant and treated ourselves to a savoury pastry and drink. I had a spinach and feat filo parcel and a wild elderflower bubbly drink. I enjoyed the drink but less so the filo parcel – it was a little greasy and would have been nicer if it had been served warm.

There’s a tradition at Trerice that has been going since 2014 in which gold painted plaster stars have been hung in the ceiling of the Barn Restaurant. Apparently the stars now feature during the festive period at Trerice and look nice and pretty hanging from above. Stupidly I don’t appear have taken any pictures of them though!

Just as we were getting ready to head out and explore Trerice’s gardens an orchestra started to play Christmas songs and carols and added to the festive feeling amongst all the visitors.

We spent a little time walking around the gardens outside of the front of the Elizabethan manor but there wasn’t too much to see given the time of year.

Next stop we were off to the Headland Hotel in Newquay for a Festive Afternoon Tea!!



65 Responses

  1. This is so beautiful! It looks like you had a grand time! My mom and I visited a castle in Toronto a few months ago, and it was amazing. I hope to explore more in this new year!

  2. I would love to visit a place like this. I love going to historical places and learning about the past.

  3. Looks like a wonderful trip! My children would have loved visiting with Father Christmas and making wreaths. Wonderful pictures.

  4. It looks like you both had a wonglderful time. That’s is a beautiful place any time of year. I would love to visit.

  5. Oh!! It looks like a great and interesting place to visit and looks like you all had a wonderful time there in Trerice. I will definitely put this on my travel lists goals this 2018.

  6. I can see why this was a dedicide spot to go too. The history of the building alone is magical. I love that they showcased Christmas gone by from the 1950’s, allowing you to further immerse into the the history hiding in the walls. Are you going to go back in the warmer weather to possibly explore the grounds?

  7. This place looks amazing to visit. I would love to be able to go one day. I especially love going to places that are rich in history just like this one.

  8. Trerice looks like a nice place to visit, love the old building and the ambience for the Xmas season. How wonderful there was an orchestra playing when you guys were about to enter the garden. I would be thrilled.

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