Scrapbook Adventure’s April Round Up!

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Wow, April was a busy month indeed! There were so many adventures and a lot of photos taken!

I thought I would try something new and do a roundup-style post. I thought this would be a nice idea to collect all my adventures and memories from one month into one post. I’m sure this will really help me look back on the last few weeks and realise I achieved more and had more fun than I thought! I really do have a good life but sometimes it can’t hurt to look back and be reminded of this!

So here goes, this is my April adventure roundup!

For the beginning of April, I was in Kent staying at my parent’s house as it was Easter. I had lots of fun catching up with family and in particular spending lots of quality time with my littlest sister Emily. This included painting by numbers, making an Easter cake and playing crazy golf at the Enchanted Villiage Adventure Golf Course. You can find out who won the golf here. I got to see my gorgeous little niece and nephew too which is always a treat!

Easter hols

On a sunny Sunday Nathan and I spent a rather busy, but fun day in Torquay, known as the English Riviera. I really enjoyed our visit and Torquay surpassed my expectations! Read more about what I thought here.


On our visit to Torquay Nathan and I visited Bygones – an indoor attraction that takes visitors time travelling back to the Victorian era. Here, you can explore an old Victorian street with shops, admire a huge display of train memorabilia and even explore a WWII trench. We really loved out visit – click here to read more!

bygones, torquay

Our second stop was Torquay’s Dinosaur World. Here we met owner David who shared his enthusiasm for all things dinosaur. We complete the quiz and enjoyed walking around the exhibits taking lots of funny photos!

torquay's dinosaur world

Lunch was needed on this busy day exploring Torquay and we stopped off at Anstey’s Cove Cafe for a scrummy spot of food. This was such a beautiful place to sit and enjoy the views – we will be back!

Anstey's cove cafe, torquay

Our final stop on our Torquay visit was a quick game of mini golf at Jungle Journey Adventure Golf. Click here to find out who had to buy the ice creams!

jungle journey adventure golf, torquay

I was invited to visit Carngalze Caverns in St Neot, Cornwall. This was a really cool place and owner Caroline showed me around the caverns. After my tour, I walked around the beautiful gardens outside the caverns and enjoyed walking along woodland walk looking out for fairies! Take a look at my post to see how many fairies you can spot!

carnglaze caverns, st neot

As a National Trust member, I have visited Tresisck Gardens many times before. I visited here one Saturday in April with my friend Emily. We had a lovely few hours wandering around the gardens gossiping and admiring all the pretty flowers.

trelissick gardens, truro, national trust

Nathan and I returned to Bodmin Jail for a slap up Sunday breakfast. They offered a great breakfast that kept us full for ages! Luckily there were no ghosts present!

bodmin jail breakfast

The sun shone in the middle of April and Nathan and I made the most of the sunshine one night after work. We went to the woods for the first BBQ of the year – tasty!


My friend Charlie and I went to see the Little Mermaid at the Northcote Theatre on Exeter University campus. Whilst this show wasn’t quite what we expected it was still a fun night out with a cheeky Nandos too!

Dartington Hall was a lovely place to walk around with my friend Lucy. I hadn’t been before and enjoyed admiring the gardens and the salted caramel brownie from the cafe!

dartington hall

Nathan and I wanted to get some exercise and so made a trip to Siblyback Lake. Here we enjoyed the relaxing 3-mile circular walk around the lake and treated ourselves to ice creams!

siblyback lake, bodmin

All in all, April appears it was a fun, busy and enjoyable month! Let’s hope May is as full of adventure!

69 Responses

  1. Lovely photos! It sounds like you’ve done lots of interesting things in April… I definitely need to make an effort to visit more places!

  2. for me, May is the busiest month. I have just discovered a new hobby on facebook and am addicted to a new game! I intend to also buy a new CoD game in May. Well, perhaps I should keep track of my May month too 😀

  3. Oh perfect! We are going to Paignton next week, so not far from Torquay, and my youngest is so excited to go to Dinosaur world! He is the worlds biggest Dino fan I’m sure!

  4. Wow! Looks like you had fun April month while I’ve been just unproductive. I love thenplaces you’ve been to. Hope I can go out to explore the nature soon.

    1. Thanks, it was nice to look back and see all the places I’ve visited! All that whilst doing my clinical psychology doctorate and working full time too!

  5. my mom loves flowers so much. she’ll definitely die if she sees these flowers in person! you really had an amazing april! looking forward to your may adventure!

  6. You had such a busy April! Definitely jealous of all your travels and your food looks so good! Also those flowers are beautiful!

  7. Great idea to do a round up. A good way for me to check I haven’t missed any of your adventures. I don’t know how you got it in!

  8. It looks like you had a really busy April! I love exploring little towns like that where the shops and eateries are all unique. Beautiful photos which I totally thought the hippos were real at first!

  9. Another great post Rachel. I’d love to sit on the benches overlooking Siblyback Lake, it looks so calm and relaxing. Did I spot a parrot on Nathan’s head? =D

  10. You certainly got up to loads, love the idea of a BBQ in the woods and your break in the English Riviera looked actioned packed. Its amazing how much you can fit into a month!

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