Premium Devon Dining at The Coombe Cellars, Combeinteignhead, Devon

The Coombe Cellars, Combeinteignhead, Devon

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Welcome to The Coombe Cellars

We were lucky enough to be invited to the ‘first look’ media preview at The Coombe Cellars in Combeinteignhead, Newton Abbot and what a night it was! The Devonshire pub has recently undergone a stunning new refurbishment and we were invited to not only see the stylish new interiors but to sample the delicious menu too. Cosy, comfy and contemporary design, tasty food and scrumptious cocktails – what more could we want from a weekday Wednesday night?! I’ll take you through our evening, course by course, so you can hear all about the new refurbishment and our awesome experience at The Coombe Cellars.

I have never been to The Coombe Cellars before and so wasn’t quite sure what to expect. After driving through some crazy fog on a very miserable February evening we arrived at the waterfront, premium pub and restaurant and were immediately impressed with the interior design.

We were warmly greeted by the waiting staff and shown to the bar area. Here, the were lovely and enthusiastic bar staff were waiting to take our drinks orders and showed us to the fashionable looking gin bar. Neither Nathan or I actually like gin so we didn’t partake in this, however, I wasted no time in trying the house rose wine – delicious!

We walked around for a little bit, soaking up the bars funky new atmosphere and cosy fires. Once we found a spot we liked, right next to the instagramable flower wall, we took a seat and were presented with our first food course.

Canapes Anyone?

Oh my goodness the selection of canapes were just to die for! There was so much for us to try including fish, meat and veggie dishes – something for everyone! We particularly enjoyed the mini fishcake, deep fried brie and lamb kofta. I really enjoyed the salt and pepper squid too – something I wouldn’t usually go for.

All of the canapes were miniatures of the starters available on the main menu and were so tasty. As we gobbled them up our excitement grew for what was to come – and we were not disappointed!

Starters for Two

After finishing up our canapes, it was time for us to be seated in the restaurant. We were shown to our table by the general manager David, who told us all about the refurbishment. We just loved the look of the dining area – soft lighting, matching tones of blues and greens and big wooden tables. It all made for a very romantic feel and we commented on how this would be a great place for a special date night.

We sat admiring the decor and wondering what views the huge windows overlooking the sea would look like if it hadn’t been so dark – we made a vow to come back and check out the views one summers lunchtime. Be sure to check out The Coombe Cellars Instagram page to get a sneak peek of the views!

There was a real buzz in the atmosphere as we watched people trying new foods, celebrating the event and some trying just that little bit too hard to get the “right Instagram pic”. The a la carte menu had such a great range of food and there was even a full vegan menu for those that way inclined. It took us quite a while to decide what to order as there was just too much choice and too many options that took our fancy – not really a hardship and a good reason for us to come back another time to try some other dishes! Here’s a link to the menus so you can have a peruse and see what you would choose!

Our starters were super tasty with Nathan opting for the crispy karaage chicken. This was really yummy and slightly spicy when dipped in the sauce. Nathan enjoyed the fancy salad too!

Having enjoyed the sample on the canape plate I just had to go for the deep fried brie. Wow, a huge crispy coated slice of brie, all warm and delicious! My perfect starter made even better mixed with some salsa and greens. I think I ate it all without pausing for breath!

We were lucky enough to be able to try lots of different drinks throughout the night including some classic cocktails. I really enjoyed my raspberry mule – a perfect combo with the brie I think!

The Main Event

Our mains arrived swiftly and were beautifully presented. I had chosen the pork belly – a favourite of mine whenever I am out for dinner. If I see it on the menu you can 99.9% guarantee I will choose it! It was accompanied by some green beans, dauphinoise potatoes and almonds. So tasty – perfectly cooked and a winner in my eyes!

Nathan, apparently following a chicken-themed meal, chose the classic spitroast chicken. It came with fries, gravy and garlic aioli – simple yet effective! It was really tasty, well cooked and Nathan ate every morsel!

To accompany our mains we opted for a traditional mojito and a peach bellini – definitely my favourite from the night! I could have drunk a few more of the bellinis I think!

Delicious Desserts

Now, anyone that knows us, knows Nathan and I are pudding people! We loved a good old dessert and for me, it is often the highlight of a meal. Did we save the best till last? I think so!

As soon as I saw it on the menu I just had to go for the melting chocolate and peanut bomb – who can resist that amazing sounding combination! Brought to the table whole and then drizzled with a hot, sticky chocolate sauce, we watched the ‘bomb’ dissipate in front of our eyes, ready for me to devour it! As well as tasting delicious, I thought the presentation was superb too and very pretty with the edible flowers.

Nathan, like me, has a rather sweet tooth and is a sucker for a chocolate dessert. He opted for the chocolate brownie which was served with smooth vanilla ice cream. Despite being quite full from all the other food, he managed to scoff this down within what felt like seconds – I blinked and it was gone – a sign of a good brownie!

We enjoyed some after dinner drinks too. I haven’t had an espresso martini for years so really enjoyed indulging in one. Nathan was the designated driver so settled for a rich hot chocolate – a great end to a truly scrumptious meal.

Final Thoughts

We both really enjoyed our meal at The Coombe Cellars – a real gem of a Devon pub in my eyes. Part of the Mitchells and Butlers Premium Country Pubs range it offers locally sourced produce and relaxing and opulent interiors, all located in a waterside, rural location – the perfect escape from everyday life! I can imagine the views from the restaurant’s large windows are beautiful in the daytime. I can’t wait to return one sunny lunchtime to sit outside and eat al fresco.

We loved the menu – everything we sampled was super tasty, well cooked and stylishly presented. We enjoyed all the drinks, especially the extensive cocktail selection. Whilst our dinner was provided to us on a complimentary basis, I made sure to check out the prices and I believe them to be very reasonable given the quality and taste.

The staff were really friendly, chatty and happy to answer any questions about the refurbishment or the menu. We enjoyed chatting with them and we felt very well looked after. Make sure to check out the pub’s Facebook page for special events and seasonal menus.

Finally, we really enjoyed the new look –  it had a really relaxed and cosy vibe and would be perfect for a chilled lunch with friends or a romantic date night with a loved one. Thanks so much for having us – we will certainly be back!

The Coombe Cellars, Combeinteignhead, Devon

The Coombe Cellars, Combeinteignhead, Devon

***Our dinner and drinks were provided to us on a complimentary basis in return for this review. All thoughts, opinions and pictures are my own ***

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  1. This post made me so hungry! The menu of this restaurant is definitely one I would love to try out some day. Those canapes sounded so delicious! The pork belly looks so tender and I can imagine how it tasted like just by looking at the photo.

  2. It always feels so nice when you’re invited first to an opening, right? The refurbishments were awesome indeed; I love the vintage atmosphere…and the food too!

  3. I love the intimate aesthetics and the gin bar was a genius concept! Each one of the plates look delicious, I’m assuming the pork belly was your fave. Wish i could experience in Dallas!

  4. These foods looks so delicious. I love the espresso martini. They even put three whole coffee beans in it. Even though you won’t eat it. It was just so cute.

  5. evrything about this is superb! the food and the restaurant ambiance i woud like to go here and try the food and experience the service they will offer

  6. Sounds like an amazing experience dining in this restaurant that’s very much worth it. this post makes me want to go there now. I’d love to try all the good food!

  7. Looks like a great place to eat. I’ll definitely go here one day with my family. Will try all of their food,

  8. It definitely seems worth it to me! What a great place it is! I’d love to visit someday in the future and try their food.

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