Pottering Around Pettorano

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After exploring Lago di San Domenico and Scanno we made our way to Pettorano. My supervisor had advised we go here as her and her family love the authentic Italian feel of the place and enjoyed many trips there in the summer.

Pettorano sul Gizio

Pettorano is a town of the Provonce of L’Aquila and is located on the southern edge of the Peligna Valley. It’s reported to have a population of just over 1300 people and gets very busy in the school holidays and summer months.

We managed to sat nav our way to Pettorano but got a bit stuck knowing where to park and where we wanted to be. The first place we parked was fine but we spent some time walking around and we couldn’t find the centre of Pettorano we were aiming for. There were lots of back streets lined with Italian apartments and some lovely views but we just couldn’t find what my supervisor said we should be seeing. Again there was no one about apart from a trio of women sitting outside a house chatting away in fast Italian. We decided to head back to the car and try again to find what we were looking for.

Cobbled Streets and Fizzy Pop

Eventually after driving around for a while we found somewhere else to park and followed the newly found signs to the centre. It was quite a steep walk up on the cobbled pathways to the centre but we made it and the view was great when we reached the centre. There were a couple of shops / cafes and a tourist information centre, which surprise surprise was closed! We went into the only cafe that had seats outside and with difficulty ordered ourselves some fizzy pop. We sat outside in the square and admired the views. Whilst it was lovely and very peaceful (almost too peaceful- we stood out like sore English thumbs) I couldn’t imagine it busy and bustling like it apparently had been only a matter of days earlier when my supervisor had been here with her family and sending me pictures.

After finishing our drinks we made our way back through the streets and back to the car. I decided I was going to try and drive the hire car and luckily I got us back to the apartment safely!

Ever visited here before? What were your experiences of this quaint town?


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