Poole Park and a Spot of Crazy Golf – 06.08.17

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Poole Park

After a hearty breakfast at Oakside B&B we set off to explore a bit more of Dorset before we needed to head home to Cornwall. We decided to head to nearby Poole which is only 20 minute drive from Wareham. I have previously visited Poole Park various times as I lived in Poole for a year when studying for my Masters Degree at Bournemouth University. This was back in 2012 though and Nathan hadn’t been so I thought we would check it out and see if anything had changed!

The park isn’t far from the historic Quay and there’s lots of car parking which is free = winner! We arrived at about 10am so the park was relatively quiet for a sunny Sunday in August. This meant we easily found a place to park and walked along Swan Lake admiring the wildlife.

Swans Swans and More Swans

Poole Park is home to a big lake called Swan Lake which as the name suggests is full of swans! When you stand by the edge of the lake they all swim towards you on mass – obviously hoping you’ve brought some stale bread to share with them. I think swans are really quite beautiful birds and in the sunshine looked peaceful as they glided over the clean blue waters.

Activities a Plenty

There’s lots on offer to do at Poole Park – there’s the miniature railway, a big modern adventure play park called the ‘Ark’ and even a trim trail with exercise points dotted around the park. The spacious park is also home to Rockley Watersports where you can try sailing, windsurfing and kayaking. There’s also pedalos in the shape of swans which you can hire – we were super tempted too but decided not too last minute as we didn’t have much time.

The Kitchen and Scoops

There is a designated restaurant ‘The Kitchen’ situated on the edge of Swan Lake which has an awesome looking terrace with views out over the swans. I’ve heard the food is pretty tasty from here but haven’t tried it myself. There’s also Scoops which is where you can grab an ice cream – too bad we were still too full from our big breakfast to warrant getting one!

A Spot of Crazy Golf

After walking around Swan Lake we made it to Poole Park Crazy Golf . We love a  bit of crazy golf and the usual bets were made! Score cards and clubs at the ready the challenge begun! The course was simple yet fun and took us about half an hour to complete. As we were there quite early we had the course to ourselves bar another couple battling it out. By the time we were finishing there were several more groups joining the course. I’m glad to say I won – this never usually happens at crazy golf so I was more than a little excited! Nathan blamed the fact he had a cold.. what a sore loser!

Celebrating Through the Gardens

We made our way back through the pretty gardens in the park admiring the pretty flowers as we went. I made sure to celebrate my golf win all the way till we reached the car – I stopped rubbing it in Nathan’s face here as we were parked near the edge of the lake and I had visions of him pushing me in to join the swans!

**Poole Park Crazy Golf was £4 per person**

Have you ever been to Poole Park? What did you think?

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