My Parents Visit Me in Devon – Visit to Tiverton and the Crediton Museum!

Grand Western Canal, Tiverton, Devon

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I have lived in the South West for 4 years now and finally, my parents came together to visit me in Devon at the end of August last year. I had a lovely time showing them around my flat and the local area. It was great to spend some quality time with them which actually felt a little odd at times as normally there are at least one of my three sisters around too!

Trip to Tiverton

We enjoyed a lovely trip to Tiverton where we visited the visitor centre and took a stroll along the canal.

Grand Western Canal Visitor Centre, Tiverton, Devon

Grand Western Canal, Tiverton, Devon

Grand Western Canal, Tiverton, Devon

My Dad was rather impressed by the horse-drawn canal boat – maybe an activity for next time they visit!

Grand Western Canal, Tiverton, Devon

Grand Western Canal, Tiverton, Devon

We had a lovely cream tea at the Canal Tea Rooms and Gardens where we sat outside and tried to swot all the wasps away from our scones and jam!

Grand Western Canal, Tiverton, Devon

For dinner, we went to The Stables in Cowley where we enjoyed a tasty dinner. The only problem was there were tonnes of flies buzzing around which out us off a bit and meant weΒ didn’t stay for pudding!

Crediton, Devon

Exploring Crediton

The next day we went for a wander around Crediton where my Dad got himself a new toolbox and some sherbet lemons from the sweet shop! We stopped for a coffee at Ashton’s Coffee Lounge and enjoyed sitting outside in the square chatting and watching everyone go by. They do the best hot chocolate here!

We had a look around the Crediton Museum which was actually really interesting. I learnt a lot about the town I am now living in and it’s history. My parents enjoyed looking back at the old fashioned toys and TV programmes.

Crediton Town Museum, Devon

Crediton Town Museum, Devon

Crediton Town Museum, Devon

Crediton Town Museum, Devon

Crediton Town Museum, Devon

There was actually so much more in the museum than I imagined there would be and the man working there was so sweet and happy to answer questions and tell us about Crediton in days gone by.

Crediton Town Museum, Devon

Crediton Town Museum, Devon

Crediton Town Museum, Devon

All too soon it was time for parents to head off and drive back to Kent. It was so nice to see them and show them around my new home. I hope they come back and visit soon – they are welcome anytime!

Grand Western Canal, Tiverton, Devon

93 Responses

  1. Wow what an amazing family trip! The canal looked so beautiful and I bet the tea was delicious yum.

  2. Looks like you all had such a lovely trip. I always feel like I take more advantage of where I live when someone comes to visit me. There is so much more motivation go explore.

  3. Looks lie your parents enjoyed their visit – I had no idea that horses could pull canal boats, that must be a real treat to see

  4. It really felt nice having your parents around, right? They certainly had so much fun throught he canal ride and enjoying the food. What a day!

  5. I’ve never been to Devon, but I’d definitely like to visit that place in the future. It looks like you had lots of fun with your parents. I love your photos! πŸ™‚

  6. That looks like a lot of fun! Glad you had family come visit too, that’s definitely the most important thing in life is our relationships <3

  7. I am with your dad on the horse drawn canal boat! Love the little museum too, we have some of those puppets at home. So nice you got to spend time with your parents x

  8. It’s always such a fun time when family and friends visit. It looks like you had a wonderful time!

  9. Sorry about the flies at the restaurant πŸ™ I travelled abroad once and had a similar experience. Sometimes I feel it is a cultural thing and puts some off but is no bother for others… glad the rest of the trip went well!

  10. The family gathering is one that I most looking forward to every year. I believe you had so much fun with your family visiting all those places. This is my first time hearing about the horse-drawn canal boat. That’s interesting!

  11. Looks like a great place to visit and so much fun. I would love to visit here. Thanks for sharing.

  12. I see Dad was combining the brightest colours he possibly could in that photo!
    Start planning for when we visit-less relaxing strolls and tea shops and more playgrounds I imagine!!

  13. I’m off to Devon in a few weeks actually – we’ll be staying in an Airbnb in Barnstaple, if you have any suggestions for what my boyfriend and I should be doing? x

    1. Oh, awesome, bet you will have a lovely time, there’s so much to see and do! As you will be in North Devon I would suggest heading to nearby beaches including Coombe Martin, Westward Ho, and Croyde – they are all stunning. I visited Clovelly too which is a very unique attraction as it’s a closed village with s much history and is super pretty too! There’s a lot of lovely National Trust places in Devon if you’re a member and if you venture to Exeter there’s lots going on too. Check out my Devon Adventures page for more ideas! Have a great trip!

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