Mini Golf and Fish & Chips in Padstow, Cornwall

Padstow, Cornwall

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Whilst staying at the Trethorne Hotel and Golf Club in Launceston back in February, Nathan and I visited one of our favourite Cornish towns – Padstow. I’ve been here many times now over the last few years but it never fails to impress me. The beautiful harbour with bustling shops and views out to sea always brings a smile to my face.

Padstow, Cornwall

Mini Golf Time

We decided to try the new mini golf course at the newly renovated Greens of Padstow. The chic restaurant is located high above Padstow harbour and offers amazing panoramic views over Padstow. We visited Greens of Padstow a couple of years ago during our first year of dating. It was the height of summer, very hot and very busy. I remembered we played mini golf and how Nathan managed to win despite the horrendous cold he was suffering (I’m sure it was only by a few points too!).

Padstow Crazy Golf, Cornwall

We were excited when we heard how Greens of Padstow was getting a makeover and would be revamping the mini golf course. As fans of mini golf we just had to make sure we got a game in when we went in February. It was nice and quiet (again it was February!) but the weather was so sunny meaning we got quite a competitive sweat on!

Padstow Crazy Golf, Cornwall

The course has 18 holes built into the hill side and has a good range of obstacles to tackle on the different holes. We enjoyed the game and somehow Nathan won again! Prices for golf are £5 for children and £6 for adults – we luckily only paid half price as the season hadn’t really started yet.

Padstow Crazy Golf, Cornwall

Fish and Chippies Time

Nathan’s victory meant I was responsible for buying our lunch – it was only February and so not quite appropriate to bet for ice creams this time round! We went to one of the fish and chip shops and ate our lunch right on the harbour with perfect view of the boats floating in and the tourists wandering by.

We popped into my favourite shop – Whistlefish to look at their lovely artwork. I have both a framed print and painted canvas from them which I love! I actually have a voucher to spend in Whistlefish from my parents which reminds me – I best get spending it! I managed to use my will power to not visit the many fudge shops – I know I would have been too tempted!

Final Thoughts

As always, we enjoyed our visit to Padstow. It has such a lovely Cornish charm about it and I hope will always be a place I enjoy visiting. We enjoyed our game of mini golf at Greens of Padstow and really recommend checking them out if you’re in the area and fancy a game of golf or somewhere lovely to have a spot of food.

35 Responses

  1. I love Padstow (and pretty much everywhere in Cornwall!)

    You can’t beat fish and chips by the sea. A trip to Cornwall must have fish and chips, ice cream and a scone!

    Might have to add mini golf to that list now!

  2. Looks like a great place! Cornwall is definitely somewhere I want to explore so will have to add Padstow to our list x

  3. I want to visit here so badly. It would be such a beautiful place and these pictures really showcase that. Also, the fish & chips look so amazing!!!

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