Learning About the Local Heritage at the Tiverton Museum of Mid Devon Life

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After spending a very comfortable and relaxing night at Manley’s B&B in Sampford Peverell we made our way to the Tiverton Museum of Mid Devon Life. The museum is situated in the Devonshire town of Tiverton which features the Grand Western Canal running through it. There is lots to see and do at the museum and Nathan and I spent a good hour or so wandering round the varied exhibits.

Agricultural Devon

There is a vast collection of items relating to agricultural Devon life. The exhibits take you back to the farming days in Devon and you can imagine how live would have been many years ago. The agricultural hall features tools that would have been used to plough, mill and sow on the farms.

You can explore an old-fashioned kitchen exhibit which features ovens through the ages – some of the older ones are so basic you wonder how people ever cooked anything! There’s clothing mangles too which show how hard it must have been to wash and dry clothes – seems like way too much effort these days!

The upper armoury gallery features lots of  intricate clocks and other items from local trade companies. I really enjoyed looking at all the grandfather clocks and listening to them all tick away at the same time! I think they always look so striking.

World War Displays

Moving on through the museum there is information and exhibits relating to the world wars. I always find exhibits on the war really interesting and this one was no exception. You could look at ration books and gas masks and lots of other war related memorabilia. There’s even an anderson shelter for you to try out.

Outside in the courtyard is a selection of agricultural tools and ploughs. Again, it is hard to believe these all would have been used to farm fields before tractors existed. Outside there is also an old fashioned British phone box which I rather liked the look of.

Choo Choo All Aboard

Nathan’s favourite part of the museums was the section related to travel through the ages. There’s a former Great Western Railway locomotive which is an impressive sight. You are able to climb aboard the engine and pull the horn. There’s lots of railway memorabilia and signs from local Mid Devon train stations. A full size mini was also on display – such a classic British car.

At the time of our visit an exhibition event entitled ‘Meet the Metal Detectorists’ was on. This was in partnership with the East Devon Metal Detectorists Club and visitors could try their hand at metal detecting to see what trash or treasure they could find. Nathan enjoyed having a go!!

The Museum of Mid Devon Life is open Monday to Saturday and costs £5.50 (with gift aid) for adults. Children who are accompanied by a full paying adult can visit for free which seems like a good deal to me! We had a good time exploring the varying exhibits and would recommend visiting for a few hours on a rainy Devon day!

The museum has it own Facebook and Twitter pages which you can check out for local news and current museum events. The tourist information office is also located within the museum.

Quick Stroll to Church

After visiting the museum we took a quick walk to St Peter’s Church which was a stunning building! The architecture was amazing. It was a really wet day and so after a quick look around it was time to head back to the car and make our way home to dry off!

Do you like visiting museums? What would be your favourite thing to viist here? Let me know in the comments below 🙂


64 Responses

  1. Wow, what a fab museum, it’s been ages since I have been to Devon, I do love these little local museums, they are so much fun. This one is so quaint,it’s fab!

  2. I really enjoyed this photo visit thanks to you -when we go on holliday in Devon i know we be visiting this beautiful place -there is so much to see

  3. Seems like a lot of history and knowledge packed into this museum. Thanks for sharing and for the photos as well!

  4. Those gowns, I could spend all day looking at all the detail they had put into them. This place looks amazing and would be such a great day trip, with al the different unique pieces they have to offer.

  5. That place looks great and it looks like you had a lot of fun! What a great place to take kids on a little educational field trip, so much history and knowledge to take in!

  6. I love visiting museums. I’d be in my glory at The Museum of Mid Devon Life. I enjoy checking out items used for agriculture in the past as well as kitchen and everyday life items. The only thing that would be better is if there were dates on the items. Most often there is not. Even general time frames are a plus.

    1. Yes dates might help. There were a lot of information boards next to the items so I think there would have been dates and further info on those 🙂 thanks for your comment.

  7. Your photos and your detailed experience allowed me to escape and join you on your adventure for a moment! You shared some fascinating and interesting places to visit!

  8. Goodness me, there’s a lot to see, isn’t there? It reminds me of a place called Beamish which is up in County Durham – if you are ever in the area, you should visit! Loved seeing the old television – and was it just my imagination or was everything polished within an inch of its life? 🙂

  9. Wow, such a detailed post that would be so helpful to plan a great trip to Tiverton Museum. Loving the pictures so much.

  10. I love History Museums and seeing how people used to work and live. This museum reminds me of the Missouri History Museum in St. Louis. Very fascinating!

  11. That’s amazing! I’ll absolutely go see Tiverton Museum when I visit Devon.
    Kitchen exhibit through the ages is so cool! So interesting when museums display how practical tasks of everyday life were handled and how stuff worked in old days.

  12. I’m absolutely fascinated by old things! I especially liked the dresses and the sewing machine! I would love to wear an outfit like that now…really marvelous…

  13. What a great day out this looks to be. Exploring history is so much fun and really interesting too. I think my favourite part of the day would have been the lovely church you visited afterwards the building looks incredibly beautiful.

  14. Sounds like just the sort of day I would love! I always try to find a museum if we travel anywhere because I love history. The church also looks spectacular- I’d be so happy there with my camera 🙂

  15. That looks like such a great museum, and I LOVE looking at old fashions. Those dresses are fabulous – I’m glad we don’t have to wear them nowadays, lol!

  16. What a great historical museum! We love places like that; in fact, our first date was to a small historical museum like that.

  17. I love such museums! that are so interesting and attractive! i would so visit it. plus getting to know your local culture is priceless.

  18. I love the old fashioned kitchen exhibit! Looks like you can really learn a lot here – I could definitely spend a while here lol. I’ve never been to Tiverton, but whenever I get the train from Paddington and it says “Tiverton” as one of the stops I have wondered what it would be like there x

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