Knighthayes at Christmas 03.12.17

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Christmas is fast approaching and so we decided to take another festive National Trust trip. After exploring Killerton and their fabulous Wind in the Willows theme last week, we made a welcome return to Knightshayes. It’s a lovely place to visit in Devon and isn’t far from Tiverton.

All Set for Christmas

Knightsyahes was all ready and set for the festive period – the house was decorated beautifully with stunningly adorned trees with plenty of lights and festive bits to look at. This year theme is based around a traditional family Christmas and there are plenty of displays filled with children’s toys from days gone by. This included various large dolls houses which so were so intricate and lovely to look at – each had its own story alongside it to tell you what was going on inside the house. There was also a full size railway track with trains chugging along on it which was placed on the snooker table. Nathan enjoyed playing with the trains for a bit – such a big kid!

All Lit Up

As dusk approaches the gardens take magical turn and are lit up with a multitude of colourful lights and the garden paths are lined by pretty little fairy lights to guide your way. We walked around just as it was starting to get dark so didn’t really get to see the full effect of the lights but i reckon it would be lovely sight to see. The house is open till 8pm at weekends so people can look around the house and gardens when they are fully lit up.

Hot Chocolate Treat

My sister kindly gave me a National Trust voucher for my birthday as she knows how much we enjoy going to the properties and thought we could treat ourselves whilst on our trips out. We made use of the voucher in the cafe and treated ourselves to a scrummy hot chocolate each and had a chocolate brownie to share – both were equally delicious! We sat outside in the covered marquee area and made use of the fur blankets for warmth!

You can read more about our previous visit to Knightshayes here, which has lots more details on the house and it’s history.

Have you ever been to Knightshayes? Enjoying any festive events over the coming days? Let me know below ๐Ÿ™‚


71 Responses

  1. I do love the National Trust properties and I spent much of 2017 Autumn exploring the ones in Oxfordshire and Berkshire but not yet ventured to Devon. Kinghthayes looks amazing

  2. I am impressed how this is creatively decorated. You can really feel Christmas in there. Holidays are approaching and I can see you are ready.

  3. The architecture of the Knightshayes building as well as the details within make this place interesting to visit. In the light of the history associated with the place the purple green and yellow lights reflected unto the Knightshayes building lends a sense of intrigue to this place.

  4. Wow now isn’t that place magical! How perfectly Christmasy as well! You guys looked like you had a wonderful time and always got to love a good hot chocolate ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. Sitting outside with blankets, enjoying good company, good scenery and a hot drink? Sounds just about perfect to me. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Oh Christmas is everywhere in this place and i like it! Looks homey and warming, and glad you visited again ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. I don’t know that we have any places like this in the states. This does look very beautiful. And I am sure my daughter would also love playing with the trains. The hot cocoa looked marvelous.

  8. Dave would love that post box. Another good looking hot choc-if only one hot choc was included with entry to each NT.

    1. The post box was cool, letters to Father Christmas only so think Dave might be a bit too old for that! I wish it was included – feel I should get it the amount of times I visit!

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