Exploring the Home of Virginia Woolf at Monks House, East Sussex

monks house

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I love the National Trust and as both Nathan and I are National Trust members we often see if there are any NT places we can visit when we are away somewhere.

When staying in Sussex for my nephew’s christening one weekend over the summer, we visited Monks House in East Sussex – the previous home of Leonard and Virginia Woolf.

Home Fit for an Author

The house is a 17th-century cottage and is really cute and quaint.  It’s situated in a really lovely part of East Sussex too, a very enviable place to live for sure! Due to its size, the house has a limit to the number of people able to enter at once but we didn’t have to queue and went straight in. A warning to people hoping to visit though – the ceilings are rather low and despite being told to watch out for them Nathan still managed to donk his head rather hard on the entrance door!

I loved the feel of the house, there were various rooms to explore and the staircase was lined with Virginia’s famous novels which was a nice touch. I really liked all the cactuses in the entrance way too for some reason!

A Writer’s Dream

Apparently, famous novelist Virginia Woolf and her husband Leonard lived at Monk’s House from 1919 until Leonard died in 1969.  I can imagine it was a lovely place to live and a good place to draw inspiration and write from.

The house is surrounded by lovely countryside gardens and allotments. It was such a gorgeous place to wander around in the sunshine.

When we visited it was a sunny day and there were deckchairs conveniently situated on the lawn for us to have a little sit-down and admire the views!

Final Thoughts

As always this was a lovely little National Trust property to explore with beautiful and well maintained gardens. I liked all the references to Virginia’s work and enjoyed finding out more about her life and work as an author.

57 Responses

  1. Lovely informative article..supported by beautiful pics…the place looks so peaceful and Serene…you have described it so well..
    Thank you

  2. Virginia Woolf is one of my all time favourite authors. This would have been an incredible experience, I am sure. I would love to do this.

  3. It’s always fascinating to see where famous authors lived and drew their inspiration. That’s so cool you got to visit!

  4. Wow! I love to visit places like this. Full of history and story. You got to take a peek at portion of a writers life through her home.

  5. It looks so calm and inviting. The gardens are the kind of place you could sit and read or write for hours. It’s wonderful that they are maintaining a beautiful picture of history.

  6. Well done on a lovely blog. I am lucky enough to be a room steward at Monks house but of course we are sadly shut down like the whole world. Thanks for showing everyone the beauty of the place.

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