Exploring All Things Dinosaur at Torquay’s Dinosaur World, Devon

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As a kid I was never really that interested in dinosaurs – I guess they was more a ‘boy thing’ in my eyes. I have watched the Jurassic Park movies though and have enjoyed them. In fact, Nathan and I reminisced whilst watching an open air car screening of the original Jurassic Park last summer when it was shown at Caerhays Beach!

We were invited to check out Torquay’s Dinosaur World – this is a very appropriate name as on arrival it really feels like you are stepping into a world full of dinosaurs and all things dino related. It is located right on the harbour of Torquay in Devon and is next to lots of nice restaurants and places to eat. Dinosaur world describes itself as a “Fun Interactive Indoor Exhibition of Dinosaurs and Fossils”  which I think sums it up well! We visited the exhibition on a sunny Sunday in March. It was the middle of the Easter holidays so the seaside resort was busy and bustling – as was Dinosaur World!

Dinosaur Heaven!

Nathan and I were greeted by David, the director and owner of Dinosaur World. David was very warm, friendly and enthusiastic. We were kindly invited to partake in the dinosaur facts quiz and David introduced us to the concept of the exhibits. David told us to look out for signs stating ‘you can sit on me’, – this sign means visitors are able to sit on the dinosaurs – cue ample funny photo opportunities.

Armed with our clipboard and pen we made our way into dinosaur world and immersed ourselves in all things pre-historic! As well as big, detailed models of various different species of dinosaur there are lots of smaller, more intricate models to see. These beautifully pictured the dinosaurs in their natural habitats and look really effective. Each model or display is adorned by detailed and interesting information about the specie of dinosaur, its characteristics and the habitat in which it lived.

There are also facts about what dinosaurs liked to eat, where dinosaur bones have been found and how big or heavy the dinosaurs were. Believe it or not a triceratops weighed 14,000 lbs. which is 4 times as heavy as an average family car! There are plenty more fun facts like this one and visitors can spend as much time as they like reading about these pre-historic beings. The quiz encourages you to read the information provided and too learn whilst searching for the right answers.

It was quite busy during our visit – I think this was because it was the weekend and also because it was mid-way thought the Easter holidays. There were children of all ages enjoying the exhibits and lots of interested adults too (like us!). There was lots for the children to do including visiting the fossil excavation areas to hunt for fossils, spend some time in the dinosaur craft room and even touch fossilised dinosaur poo! I made Nathan touch the poo!!

Dinosaur Quizzing Success

At the end of our visit, David approached us to see how we had got on with the quiz and ask what we had thought of our visit. David went through the quiz answers with us, which luckily, we had got all right – apart from one where we hadn’t been able to find the answer. David responded to this and took us to the right display, so we could find out what the answer was! It has been there all along so I blame Nathan for looking in the wrong place! Here, David told us more interesting facts about the displays and his enthusiasm for both dinosaurs and Dinosaur World shone through. I never knew there was so much to know about dinosaurs! It’s quite amazing to think they would have been living over 66 million years ago! I would not have wanted to come face to face with a T-Rex – they look scary indeed! As we got the majority of the questions on the quiz correct we were awarded our certificates and prizes – we’re never too old for a chocolate egg and some fossils!

There’s a well stocked dinosaur themed gift shop where visitors can purchase dinosaur related clothing, colouring books or treat themselves to a cuddly toy dino or a fossil digging kid. I chose the obligatory pencil and postcards (oh these funny collections!).

Torquay’s Dinosaur World puts on lots of different events throughout the year. As it was Easter when we visited there was a special Easter dinosaur egg hunt. This involved a special quiz and visitors had to spot the hidden Easter eggs hiding in amongst the dino exhibits. There are events during half term holidays, Halloween and Christmas.  You can check upcoming events and more information on Torquay’s Dinosaur World Facebook page.

Entry costs £6.95 for adults and children aged 3-16 years, under twos go free. I think this seems like a good price for a couple of hours stay – there’s lots to get involved in and interesting facts to amuse both children and adult alike. There’s lots of instagramable photo opportunities too and you can check out Torquay’s Dinosaur World Instagram page here.

Final Thoughts

We really enjoyed our visit to Torquay’s Dinosaur World. It was interactive, fun and informative. The quiz was great as it made us read the information boards provided and enabled us to find out more about the dinosaurs being exhibited. There’s lots for children to do and the different events throughout the year add something different to each visit. Big thanks to David for welcoming us and for our special treats for completing the quiz!

Thanks also to Nathan for being a very good sport in being a big kid posing with all the dinosaurs!

***Whilst entry to Torquay’s Dinosaur World was given to us on a complimentary basis, all thoughts and opinions in this post and entirely my own***

Are you interested in dinosaurs? Would you like to visit Torquay’s Dinosaur World? Let me know in the comments below!

58 Responses

  1. Ah my 4 year old would adore this place. We are on a bit of a dinosaur mission to fit as many dinosaur themed days out into the year as possible. I didn’t even know this place existed. It looks such fun. I love all your photos. The photo op looks fun as well. mind you it seems that you both found plenty of ops without needing a ‘real’ photo

    1. Aww sounds like your daughter would love Dinosaur World then! Yes lots of funny photos – we enjoyed being big kids for the day! I hope you get to visit one day soon 🙂

  2. Aww wow, fabulous photos! I think my 3 year old would be a little scared yet but definitely somewhere to think about when he’s a bit bigger!

  3. Not sure I would be that excited by dinosaurs, but can think of many children that would love it. I enjoyed your photos!

  4. Dinosaurs are fascinating. I can’t imagine how huge these creatures would have been! I love this interactive museum you visited. There is so much to learn plus fun activities to do! I don’t know if I would be interested to “touch” the dinosaur poop though. Haha.

  5. This is one of the coolest dinosaur exhibits i’ve seen! My boys and the kids I work with would absolutely love this.

  6. That looks so cool. I know my niece and my nephews would love to through this. They may not like the big spider but other than that they would love it.

  7. This looks like such a fun day out for families. Dinosaurs are so fun and interesting to learn about and enjoy. It looks like you had a lovely family day out here 🙂

  8. This place looks awesome! My brothers and I would have loved to go somewhere like this when I was younger, we were obsessed with dinosaurs. We had all the Land Before Time films and everything! x

  9. That is definitely on our ‘to do’ list. My daughter collected just about every one of those Schleich (sp?) dinosaur figurines. In fact, I think I’m going to pass along this post to her! 🙂

    1. It’s super family friendly – lots of both little ones and the bigger ones to enjoy. As an adult, I found all the information boards and facts really interesting.The quiz kept us entertained too!

  10. Dinosaurs! What a nice place. I admit that I once saw these “terrible lizards” as young boys’ fantasy faves but there’s just so much stuff about them that even makes my imagination run wild. I’m a fan of paleontologists and parks/places like this. Though I would love to bring that Dinosaur Poo box home, lol!

    1. Thanks for your comment Esme! Sounds like you would really enjoy a trip to Torquay’s Dinosaur World! Not sure I share your ideas on the dino poo though!! 🙂

  11. I’ve always loved watching dinosaur movies when I was young and even until now. I hope to visit this place someday.

  12. Everyone loves dinosaurs. Specially kids. I remember knowing lots of these when I was a kid. Now, I hardly know a few. Only the popular ones.

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