Competition Time at Jungle Journey Adventure Golf, Torquay

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After a very busy day exploring Torquay, visiting Bygones, Torquay’s Dinosaur World and stopping off at Anstey’s Cove for lunch there was just enough time for Nathan and I to fit in a quick game of adventure golf!

Golf in the Jungle

The adventure golf is located in Abbey Park, just off the seafront. We parked up right outside the Jungle Journey Adventure Golf course and paid our £6 each to play. As it states in the name of the golf course the holes are jungle themed and there are big model jungle animals situated throughout the course. These include gorillas, snakes and tigers.

There’s a small river with fountains running through the course which I think is meant to represent a jungle waterfall. The course has 18 holes with each hole offering a new challenge.

Winner Buys the Ice Creams

The course was quite busy when we visited which surprised me given it was about 6pm. The course is open until 9pm which I think is great if people are looking for an activity to do in the evenings. It took us about an hour to go round and we enjoyed competing against each other for who will have to buy the ice creams. This time we actually drew and ended up having the same score – Nathan did do a recount to check!

We ended our day in Torquay by walking through the gardens and eating our ice creams. Such a good way to end an exciting and fun-filled day!

Do you like playing adventure golf? What do you think of the jungle theme? Let me know in the comments below!

95 Responses

  1. Mini golf is so fun whether you’re doing it as a date or with kids. My favorite one I’ve ever done was a very intricate pirate theme!

  2. This looks like so much fun I have always wanted to have a go a something like this with my daughter I think she is probably the right age for it now!

  3. What a fun and great experience you had.
    This is such a great place to visit Will be saving this! Next trip here

  4. its been a good minute since i’ve been to miniature golf. it was always so much fun when i did go, maybe i should make time to go again.

  5. This looks like such a fun place to visit. Miniture golf is always so much fun for people of all ages!

  6. This looks like so much fun! My son is obsessed with Mini Golf. We have to go 100 times every time we go on vacation or a cruise.

  7. Looks like a challenging and fun course. I am terrible at both golf and mini golf. Its always a good time.

  8. What a wild golf course! This looks like way too much fun — seriously, so cute. 😀 My fav was the giraffe!

  9. I love playing mini golf and this adventure one looks amazing! I love the animal statues and the water features.

  10. This looks like fun! I love mini golf, my husband hates it, and my oldest son loves it but is absolutely terrible at it (the toddler isn’t even allowed to hold a golf club, he’d be a liability!) I’m really competitive, maybe that’s why my husband hates it! But we do have fun when we play.

  11. Sounds like you had a brilliant day! I’ve never played adventure golf but would love to. We have a mini golf near us here in Portugal and it might be the ideal place for us to visit with our son.

  12. That looks like so much fun! I haven’t golfed in forever, and I know the kids would love to explore the “jungle”.

  13. Jungle Journey Adventure Golf looks so cool. I like all of the animals, although, the giraffe in the beginning stands out because its in the back of the picture. I was hoping to congratulate you, you know a women’s thing. Ha I think I’d be playing in the water.

  14. We love crazy golf. It’s great, because everyone can get involved, you don’t have to be good at it! This course looks really fun, I’ll look out for it next time we visit Torquay.

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