City Sightseeing Tours in Geneva, Switzerland

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If you like sightseeing tours and enjoy learning more about the city you are in then we really recommend the City Sightseeing tours in Geneva! There’s quite the range on offer!

The City Sightseeing transport and tours around the city are all included with the Geneva Pass and so we were keen to go on all of them! The tours include riding trains, trolley trams and buses and take you all over the city to see the sights. They all have audio commentary which you can listen to in various languages and free headphones too. I always really enjoy listening to them as they tell about the sights you are going past and I always learn a lot about the history and culture of where I am. 

Left Shore Tour

We enjoyed the mini-train tour of Geneva’s left shore. This train ride took us through the walkways along the shore which was simply beautiful and gave us some great views of the lake and areas surrounding it.

Old Town Train Tour

The mini-train tour around the old town of Geneva was awesome too. Here you pass Place de Neuve, Place du Rhone and see the gorgeous looking Opera House. You also pass the reformation wall and the train takes you past lots of old houses and beautiful architecture. I love that you can see all these lovely places from the comfort (and shade) of the train without having to walk around for hours! The duration of this tour is about 45 minutes which was a very welcome foot rest!

International District Tour

Another sightseeing tour we took was the one that took us to the international district. Here we saw the headquarters of the NGOs and international organisations working for humanity and world peace. We saw the United Nations building and the famous broken chair symbolising the opposition to land mines and reflection to those lost. This tour is a little longer and took over an hour but we did get stuck in the city rush hour traffic for quite a while – long enough for Nathan to take a quick nap and not miss any of the sights! If we had been in Geneva longer I think we definitely would have come back to this area to explore it more and maybe even take a guided tour of the UN building.

Parks and Gardens Tour

The final mini-tram tour we took was the one though the parks and gardens. This tour was particularly pretty as you ride alongside the shore and through the lovely lush green parks. It was so hot when we visited that there were a lot of people out sunbathing and enjoying themselves in the park so we were sure to give them a wave as we rode through! Be careful not to get in the way of the trams when they are moving though as the drivers tend to get a little cross (very entertaining to watch!).

All the Sights

We really enjoyed the sightseeing tours offered here. You can buy tickets separately if you don’t have the Geneva Pass and just choose to do one that takes your fancy instead of doing them all as we did! The prices semm quite reasonable and they run multiple times a day.

I think they offer lots of information, a cute way to travel around and take you to places you might not have explored otherwise. They also helped us get a sense of the city and make note of places we liked the look of and wanted to come back to explore such as the St Pierre Cathedral and a couple of small museums in the Old Town.

St Pierre Cathedral

The St Pierre Cathedral in Geneva is a beautiful old building. The building of the Cathedral started back in 1160 and so some parts really are rather old! You can go into the cathedral for free and it is worth a look around to see the beauty inside. I do believe you can climb the towers of the cathedral too for a small entry cost. This was included with the Geneva Pass but wasn’t one of our must-dos and so we didn’t do it this time.

It was quite busy when we went in though so we didn’t spend too long looking around. We did sit outside on the steps for a rest and to have a drink which was nice and very picturesque.

We Love Geneva

Geneva is full of amazing architecture, cute traditional shops and lovely fountains and gardens. With so much to see and explore it’s a wonderful city to go on a city break to! Even better, you are never far away from the amazing shoreline and the lake which is just stunning.

Have you ever been to Geneva? What was your favourite site? Do you enjoy city sightseeing tours? Let me know in the comments below, I’d love to hear from you! 

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