Chocolate Afternoon Tea at the Greenbank – 28.08.17

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A Birthday Treat

As Nathan turned 28 at the end of August I decided to treat him to a birthday Chocolate Afternoon Tea – take a look at menu here. We have enjoyed quite a few afternoon teas together and so I thought adding the chocolate element would be different and something special for us to try. Nathan, like me, also loves chocolate so what was there not to like!

After a competitive morning playing crazy golf with my friends Janna and Scott at Swanpool we made our way to Falmouth’s Greenbank Hotel. The hotel is located right on the harbour front and has some stunning views. We found there wasn’t much parking at the hotel – some reserved spaces for guests out the front but that was about it. Luckily you can park on the road which is opposite the hotel and if you’re good at parallel parking into tight spots you’re ok!

The Greenbank

We arrived at the hotel which appeared to be quite grand and expensive looking (I had looked into staying but it was well out of my price range – especially for a 2 night minimum stay!) We were seated in the restaurant area that has wonderful views overlooking the harbour. We ordered our tea and waited for it to arrive whilst we admired the gorgeous views of the boats on the water. We couldn’t quite decide which one we would try and buy!

Our pots of tea and jug of water arrived, shortly followed by our chocolate afternoon tea. It was presented beautifully on a three tiered stand and looked indulgent and delicious! We could wait to get stuck in. As usual we started with the finger sandwiches and took it in turns to choose which ones to try. The sandwiches weren’t chocolate themed and included the usual cucumber, salmon and ham and mustard. They were tasty but really just the starter to the chocolate feast we were about to encounter.

We chose to have the scones next. We decided to do this after not being able to eat them at our last afternoon tea in Tavistock. We didn’t want to miss out on them as they looked delicious and were still warm meaning the chocolate chips inside were all gooey and lush!

Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate

After finishing our scones we were annoyingly starting to feel full! Maybe the ice cream on the beach earlier hadn’t been such a good idea! We powered through though and made our way through the chocolate goodies on the top tier of the rack. These included a very rich chocolate pot presented in a cute little jar, chocolate brownies, muffins and truffles. There was no way we were going to eat it all and so luckily we could take the few bits we hadn’t been able to eat home with us for later.

Too Much Choc?!

We really enjoyed our afternoon tea here – the food was lovely and the views stunning. We saw other people getting the regular afternoon tea and this looked really scrummy too and did include some chocolate based cakes. I think if I was to go again I would save paying the extra money for the chocolate afternoon tea and stick to the basic one – it looked just as good!

** The chocolate afternoon tea at the Greenbank was £20 per person and it has to be pre-booked in advance. You don’t need to book if you want to have the traditional afternoon tea and you can upgrade to have a glass of fizz for an additional fee.

You can read about a previous traditional afternoon tea Nathan and I had at the birthplace of cream teas in Tavistock here.

Has anyone else ever tried this afternoon tea or visited the Greenbank? What did you think? Can you recommend anywhere else that does awesome afternoon teas for us to try?

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  1. I think i would enjoy this. And not too expensive really given the location and a large selection of goodies. I think you were right to try it out!

    1. I think you would have enjoyed it for sure! It was worth trying the choc one I think but next time I’d stick to the normal one – I think you really can have too much choc!!

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