Carly’s Hen Weekend – 23.06.17 – 25.06.17

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What a hen weekend! It’s hard to sum it all up in a short blog post, we had so much fun!

The Cornwall Cohort set off for the hen weekend from Truro on Friday morning and made the long trip to Surrey. There were four very excited ladies in the hired Mercedes Benz (we were upgraded!) who could be seen singing and dancing to a range of old school tunes – this helped immensely in traffic as many van drivers seemed to be fans!

We finally arrived at the destination after a long trip and we were very pleasantly surprised. What an amazing house. We had a tour and chose rooms (all were so nice so it was hard to choose). As if the gorgeous thatched house wasn’t beautiful enough we were then shown the pool house! An indoor heated swimming pool adorned with inflatables greeted us and the excitement built!


We met all of Carly’s other friends who were lovely and finally the hen herself arrived. We all waited by the pool house with prosecco to greet her. It was so lovely to see her arrive and see the stunning place and all her friends. After all deciding it would be good to take a dip in the pool we had a BBQ and carried well on into the night drinking and playing games. I had rather a few too many proseccos I think. Nothing like a bit of group bonding over a game of ‘never have I ever’…


There were a few sleepy and sore heads on Saturday morning but there was still a sense of excitement in the air. The day was spent swimming, chilling and chatting. One of the days activities was to all decorate cupcakes with things that reminded us or Carly or memories we shared with her and then Carly had to guess who had decorated which ones. Cue some very funny stories and memories!


In the evening we indulged in a murder mystery dinner party. We all dressed up according to our characters and tried to suss out who had committed murder down at the pool house (or split a lot of ketchup resembling blood!). I happened to be the murderer and so had to use all my bluffing skills which I think worked quite well as only one out of the large group suspected it might have been me – the costume handcuffs and truncheon must have given it away!


Other evening entertainment came in the form of a blindfolded monkey pinata and a game of Mr and Mrs between Carly and Paul. Paul’s answers had been previously recorded and it was so funny to watch him and Carly squirm as they tried to match their answers to the sometimes quite personal questions!


We then ended the night having another swim – this time fully clothed in costume egged on by shots of tequila.

Sunday saw more sleepy and sore heads and after giving Carly our personalised pictures and messages (which made her cry!) we headed back West to Cornwall for a much needed good nights sleep! Can’t wait for the wedding now!!

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