Beautiful Bedruthan Steps – 29.10.17

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On the Wish List

I’ve wanted to visit Bedruthan Steps for ages and so on an October weekend return to Cornwall, Nathan and I decided to head to the well-known spot and see what all the fuss was about!

When we arrived the Carnewas at Bedruthan National Trust car park had quite a few cars in, but there was plenty of space and free for us National Trust members. Even the coastal view from the car park was awesome and very inviting for us to explore further. We had a quick cup of tea in the car and then wrapped up warm to brace the wind and set off to explore the steps.

The Giant’s Steps

Bedruthan is particularly popular with both Cornish locals and visitors and offers spectacular coastal views over large rocks (known as sea stacks) that are dotted not too far from the shoreline. According to historic folklore, the legend is, that the large granite sea stacks are stepping stones for the ‘Giant Bedruthan’ which believe it or not isn’t too hard to imagine once you see them!

We made our way from the car park out to the clifftops overlooking the giant’s stepping stones. The view was just amazing took my breath away – more than the harsh Autumn winds did!

We carried on further and descended the steps down to the viewing point. Here you can get better shots of the steps and see them in their full glory from above.

We stood here for a while and saw some rocks fall down from the cliffs onto the shore below. As we watched in amazement a couple next to us, who had their camera out, told us a few minutes earlier there had been a much bigger rock fall. Quite scary really! We took a seat on a big rock and watched eagerly to see if anything else fell but nothing else did. We decided to carry on walking and find a spot to stop for lunch.


Bedruthan Lunch Stop

After walking up the shoreline a bit further we found some secluded benches and choose one to have our rolls and tea at. Whilst it was a bit nippy, it was peaceful and had stunning views. There were a few groups of walkers who passed us but it felt pretty quiet and unspoilt.

We weren’t able to due to the tide times, but when the tide is out, you can head down to the beach. Apparently, getting down to the beach can be difficult as there is a steep, narrow parade of steps cut into the cliff which sounded a bit scary for my liking; especially with the rock falls we had seen and heard about earlier!

Did Somebody Call the Coastguard?

We didn’t have much longer to explore as we had plans for the evening so we took a slow walk back up to the top of the cliffs. As we did we saw the Coastguard Helicopter approach and hoover for ages over where we had been. It looked as if they were looking out into the sea and we could see a rescue team member hanging out of the helicopter’s door having a good look. We don’t imagine they found what they were looking for as after about 10 minutes they went back inside the helicopter and it flew away. Quite a sight to see up close.

We made sure to stop off quickly at the National Trust Gift Shop, which is located in the car park, before we went – after all I needed to make sure I picked up some postcards didn’t I!

Have you ever been to Bedruthan? What did you think?

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  1. I’ve been to England, but not to your little corner, so really enjoy your virtual tours to learn more about places I have never been. Bedruthan sounds fascinating. I think any natural formation is interesting to explore and learn about.

  2. Wow, it looks so beautiful down there! It’s been a long time since I’ve been to that part of the country but I’m itching to go back.

    Katie xoxo

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