Adventures in Dartmoor National Park, Devon

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Beautiful, rugged and natural Dartmoor – surely one of Devon’s most wonderful and exciting places to visit. I fell in love with it the first time and visited and enjoy it more and more each time I visit. It’s natural beauty, wild landscapes and stunning animals keep plenty of visitors returning year after year.

Back in October last year Nathan and I had a wonderful day exploring Dartmoor and all it has to offer. We kicked off the day by visiting the family-friendly Minature Pony Centre and enjoyed meeting all the super cute miniature Shetland ponies! If you’re interested and want to see more cute pony pics you can read all about our experience here.

After leaving the Miniature Pony Centre in Dartmoor, Nathan and I parked up at the Dartmoor National Park Visitor Centre and walked up to Bellever Tor.

It was a lovely, easy walk through Bellever Forest, amid the tall trees and wild landscapes. There were some lovely views along the way too. We didn’t quite make it up to the top of Bellever Tor but enjoyed the views from the bottom of it and all the wild mushrooms we encountered on the way too.

On returning to the car park we popped into the Dartmoor National Park Visitor Centre – a great place for local information, maps for walks and lots of other Dartmoor souvenirs. We enjoyed reading all about Dartmoor and it’s wildlife.

After a quick rest and a cup of tea, we decided to pop to Postbridge where there is a real Dartmoor beauty spot to explore. Just a short hop from the main road and you are greeted with the bubbling river and famous Clapper Bridge  – the perfect spot for a picnic! We sat by the river eating some snacks and enjoyed watching visitors of all ages enjoying the natural beauty of the area and paddling their feet in the water. This is certainly a very Instagram-able spot in Devon – one of many that is!

Driving home we passed through the centre of the National Park and were amazed to stumble across all the wild animals on the side of the road. We saw hundreds of lazy sheep chilling in the sun and saw lots of gorgeous horses and Shetland ponies grazing in the long grasses.

Best of all we witness a herd of highland cows crossing the road in front of our car and later blocking the entrance to the parking area in which we had stopped to have a cheeky hot chocolate! They were so beautiful and I could have stayed watching them all day – especially with their cute calves.

Final Thoughts

We had the best day out exploring Dartmoor! It started with fun at the Miniature Pony Centre before we enjoyed a hike across Bellever Tor and earned a relaxing sit down by the river at Postbridge. We finished the day by driving through the heart of the Dartmoor National Park and experienced the wild cows, sheep and ponies that roam the moor. What a lovely day exploring the county in which I am lucky enough to live. Take me back any day!

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  1. What an amazing place to go and explore. I don’t think I’ve been to Dartmoor, or at least not for many years! I’m heading to Devon soon though so might see how nearby we are going to be and head off for a day!

  2. Looks like such a peaceful and beautiful place to walk around. Thanks for sharing I really like the picures

  3. This looks like a wonderful place to explore and visit. It is nice to sometimes disconnect in the busy city. Those are animals are adorable.

  4. This is an amazing and adventurous place to visit and explore the outdoors. I love your pics. The Shetland ponies were so adorable and the mushrooms were unbelievable. It looked like so much fun.

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