Adele @ Wembley – 29.06.17

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So I was one of the lucky ones to see Adele in concert.  And lucky I was! She was due to play 5 nights at Wembley Stadium, London to finish off her 123 show world tour, finishing on Sunday 2nd July. However after performing at Wembley Wednesday, Thursday and Friday Adele posted on her social media that she had sung her heart out which had been challenging and had therefore damaged her vocal chords. She went on to explain this meant she had to cancel the final two shows on medical advice. She was clearly gutted and her message read as heart felt and disappointed – and having been to see her I know the fans who had tickets to those final two shows would have been disappointed too. Lots will have probably travelled from far and I know if I had travelled from Cornwall to London for the show for it then to be cancelled I’d be pretty devastated. Anyway I was fortunate to see what ended up being her penultimate show and this is what I thought…

I decided to treat my friend Janna to tickets to see Adele as a gift to celebrate her finishing her PhD. I thought she deserved something fun and memorable after all the hard work and stress she had endured to complete the PhD over the last few years. We met in Marylebone station and had a burger and chips at a nearby sports and grill bar (food was OK, service was pants). We then made our way on the Chiltern Railways to Wembley Stadium station and joined the thousands of fans pouring into the stadium. We passed through security (I would say it was slightly enhanced since I went there a couple of years ago) and made our way up to our nose bleed seats at the highest point in the stadium. As we sat down and looked around it was hard not to feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount of seats and people around you and also how bloody high up were were – it was way steeper than any of the sections I’ve sat at before in Wembley Stadium (that will teach me not to buy more expensive seats!). Anyway, after waiting for a good hour Adele burst onto stage and the anxiety flew away.

Adele opened up with ‘Hello’ and the crowd went wild! The iconic image of her eyes were displayed and the eyes opened as she belted out the opening line “hello.. it’s me”. The screens lifted and there she was looking stunning in a purple sparkly full length dress. From that moment on I didn’t feel sick or worried about the height of the seats and we soon got stuck into singing along to her songs and laughing along to all the funny stories she told in between. It never seeks to amaze me how someone with such a world renowned and beautiful signing voice can have such a potty mouth and common accent! I think it all adds to her appeal.

As well as singing her catalogue of hits Adele made a very moving appeal for people to donate to the Grenfell Tower appeal she had set up to help raise money for the people affected by the awful fire. She told us that the night previously, where she had broken the Wembley record for the number of people in audience, that they had donated over £100,000 which was suitably impressive. You couldn’t help but feel the emotion in her voice when she spoke about visiting the families affected by Grenfell and the audience was poignantly silent when she sung ‘Hometown Glory’ in which the screens displayed images of the London skyline and the burnt out shell of Grenfell tower.

It wasn’t all doom and gloom however and there were  upbeat sections of the show which got the audience clapping, singing and dancing along. By the encore she had everyone on their feet dancing along to ‘Rolling in the Deep’. Our previous worries about the height of the seats had long been forgotten and Janna and I sung our hearts out  with the best of them.The fireworks, kiss cam and t-shirt launcher were pretty entertaining additions too.

We had an awesome time seeing Adele and if I could I would go and see her again – not only was her voice perfect but she was sweet, funny and endearing when she told us anecdotes in between the songs. She seemed genuinely overwhelmed by the crowds response and the sheer number of people who had come out to see her.  Both Janna and I went home buzzing with Adele songs swimming through our heads (which would continue for the rest of the weekend!)


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