A Walk Around Otterton Village and Landram Bay, Devon

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On the second May bank holiday, Nathan and I went for a very hot and sweaty walk around Otterton village and Landram Bay.

We started off in Otterton Villiage which was so picturesque and quaint. We followed a route that had instructions online. Somehow we managed to go completely the wrong way to start with and got ourselves a bit lost and very hot and flustered! I wasn’t best pleased, especially given how hot it was!

After retracing our steps (probably about a mile!) we made our way back to the start of the route and continued the right way! We walked through a lot of farm tracks and it was very peaceful and quiet.

We stopped off in a field for a cup of tea and to admire the beautiful views our over Landram Bay. Neither of us had been here before so enjoyed seeing a new piece of coastline.

We packed away the flask and as we started to head down across the field following the route, we came across a huge herd of cows coming straight towards us! It spooked us somewhat as we wondered where on earth they had come from and they were all lined up directly in our path. Nathan and I have had a bad experience of crossing cows before when we were at Dodman Point and some basically nearly chased us off a cliff edge! So we decided it was best to retreat and wait for the cows to pass which they did eventually!

We mad our way down to Landram Bay Holiday Park where we stopped for a cheeky magnum ice cream and some water. The holiday park was pretty busy and there were loads of people and families pouring off the beach towards the holiday park – some looking rather sunburnt!

After our quick stop, we carried on our walk, going out the other side of the holiday park and through some woodland and fields back down to Otterton Villiage. We stopped off at the pub for a pint of lemonade each as we were so hot, worn out and in need of a cold drink!

On the way back to the car we passed so many pretty cottages and lovely village houses. I bet this is such a nice place to live!

Do you like going for walks? Where’s your favourite place to go for a walk?

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  1. I actually work in Otterton sometimes but I have never been walking around there and never made it to Ladram Bay either. I must sort this, it looks lovely.

  2. That does look like a lovely walk. Otterton Mill is also a lovely place to stop for refreshments as well. You’ve inspired me need to head out that way soon.

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