A Night at the Museum at the RAMM Lates Event, Exeter, Devon

Royal Albert Memorial Museum, Exeter, Devon

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Night at the Museum

Have you heard about the awesome, quirky and fun nights at the museum The Royal Albert Memorial Museum in Exeter, Devon are holding? If not then read on to hear about our night at the museum and see what we got up to at the first ever ‘RAMM Lates’ event!

Exploring the Museum After Dark

Back in February, we were invited to the first of the RAMM Lates events and my friend Charlie and I had an interesting night full of culture, music, art and history. Despite it having been on my bucket list since I moved to Devon, I hadn’t yet made it to The Royal Albert Memorial Museum and so was I was delighted to be asked to attend the first of these special events. I have always loved visiting museums; something I did a lot as a child. Still today I always look out for museums when I am visiting somewhere new. What I liked about the sound of the RAMM is the range of exhibits on display and the various changing exhibitions they hold. With the invite to the event promising a chance to explore the museusm, along with live music, dance performances and a cocktail or two I just couldn’t wait!

Upon entry to the museum, we were greeted warmly by staff and given a museum map and list of events for the night. Charlie and I decided to first explore the museum which was so interesting and excellent to explore with fewer people around! We loved reading about the history of Exeter and Devon and seeing all the animal exhibits on show. There was so much to look at and read we could have spent hours perrusing the displays!

One of the most interesting and captivating exhibits for me is the one with the huge lifesize animals – all created from real animal bones /skins. Some of them were so old it just blew my mind, especially given their excellent condition. It really gives you an idea of how big some of our wild animals are – especially elephants and giraffes!

There’s a lot of taxidermy in the museum which may not be to everyone’s taste, but we saw so many different species of animals  – some of which we don’t think we had ever seen before. There’s lots to learn about all the animals too with facts to read and interesting information about the animals habitats and countires of origin.

Entertainment Galore

The RAMM Lates promise lots of fun entertainment and we certainly enjoyed the range on offer. I stood for quite a while watching this entertainer with her crystal ball – it was strangely mesmerising actually!

We saw a really cool breakdancing performance performed by the University of Exeter Breakdancing Society. The dancing was accompanied by some live singing by a choir which was really uplifting and catchy too!

Live jazz music was provided too and we enjoyed watching the band play their funky instruments and had a little boogie!

Getting Creative

As part of the RAMM Lates there is the opportunity for guests to get involved in some activities. We definitely made the most of these and gave lots a go. I am not usually someone that is easily creative, although I do always find arts and crafts really therapeutic! Of course my scrapbooks used to be my creative outlet before it all became too much and I switched to a more modern scrapbooking mode – this blog!

We had a go at tile printing with the Double Elephant Print Workshop. Here, we were able to use an old fashioned printing press to make our prints – something new for both of us!

We gave weaving a go too – another new experience. I found this really pleasing and I bet it would be such a therapeutic activity to get involved with – maybe when I find some spare time…!

Finally, our last activity was inspired by the current eye-popping exhibition: Criminal Ornamentation. We grabbed our materials and settled down to get crafting and making some greetings cards. I found myself getting lost in the creating and for a brief while totally forgot where I was! I love it when that happens – I think that’s the power of art and crafts! I was quite impressed with our creations – not sure they would make it into the brilliant exhibition though! Make sure to check out the RAMM Instagram page to see more of the proper exhibition!

Final Thoughts and Further Info

We had a really fun night at The Royal Albert Memorial Museum at their first RAMM Lates event. We enjoyed the mix of activities and performances and the chance to take a look around the museum at night. There’s something a bit exciting and special about visiting a museum after hours and there was a real arty and cultural vibe – a different sort of Friday night for me!

There’s lots to see and do and for only £5 a ticket I think it is well worth the price! You can find more information about the museum and upcoming events here. Thank you for having us RAMM – I am sure it won’t be our last visit!

***Our tickets to the RAMM Lates even were gifted to us on a complimentary basis. All thoughts, pictures and opinions are entirely my own. ***


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