A Cream Tea Cruise with Stuart Line Cruises, Exmouth

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On our second trip to Exmouth saw Nathan and I board the Tudor Rose for a cream tea cruise with Stuart Line Cruises. Stuart Line Cruises is a friendly, family run and well known company based in Exmouth, Devon. They operate various passenger boats from Exmouth seafront setting sail in this beautiful county and have been doing so for nearly 50 years. Their famously large and colourful boats are a popular sight in Exmouth and attract many visitors each year. The team offer lots of different tours including a River Exe cruise, day trips to Sidmouth and a 3 hour Jurassic Coast Cruise. The winter months offer no rest for the Stuart Line Cruises team as they offer guided bird watching cruises and even special festive trips where children can sail with Father Christmas!

A Cream Tea Cruise

Nathan and I love cream teas and exploring so when we were given the option to combine the two and attend a cream tea cruise from Exmouth there was no doubt we would accept! The cream tea cruise was running on various days throughout the winter and we chose a 12.30pm Sunday sailing to climb on board. The date also happened to be Mothers Day so there were quite a few families treating their mums to the trip!

All Aboard The Tudor Rose

After picking up our reserved tickets from the ticket office located near the dock we boarded the Tudor Rose –  a large beautiful river boat that was originally build on the River Thames in London. The Tudor Rose was built in 1979 and holds up to 125 passengers. The trip was busy however I was glad it wasn’t full to capacity!

We took our seats upstairs, right at the front of the boat. This gave us brilliant views throughout the trip and enabled us to see into where the Captain was steering the boat and providing us with the commentary. It was quite a cold and chilly day in March and so I was pleased to find blankets on every seat for us to keep ourselves warm. This is such a nice, simple touch which really added to the experience for me.

Not long after setting off and sailing out of Exmouth we were approached by a lovely member of the team who asked for our drinks order. We both opted for a good old cuppa tea. Shortly after ordering we were presented with hot mugs of tea and individual trays with pre-made scones ladened with cream and jam. What a treat! As we were sitting upstairs at the front of the boat we were served first – so sit there if you’re hungry when you board!

The scone was delicious and plentiful and the hot tea was greatly appreciated as it helped keep us warm! There was quite a bit of wind out on the river and so it helped to warm up my hands (which I needed for taking photos!). I love how the tea and scones were brought to us- we didn’t even need to leave our seats!

Exmouth from the River

Despite the bleak winter weather there were some lovely views on this cruise. These accompanied by the detailed and interesting live commentary from the Skipper made for a very pleasant journey. We were told about the different towns we passed and about wildlife that could often be seen. I only wish the weather had been a little better as we probably could have seen more and not been quite so cold. Saying that, we did have the option of sitting downstairs in the heated lower part of the boat but where is the fun in that!! I think if there had been some sunshine my photos would have been more impressive too!

The cruise lasted for about an hour and half which to be honest was more than enough to see the sights, experience the fun of the boat and eat our yummy scones. The approach back to the Exmouth dock is really interesting as we had only seen it from the other side of the beach previously! We passed Dawlish Warren too which is on my list to explore one day soon. There were plenty of people in private boats and canoes to wave to should you wish and everyone on board was really friendly having had a good time. There are toilets on board and a bar should you wish to buy basic food and drinks. As well as the various exciting trips they run, Stuart Line Cruises offer private charter of their boats which can be hired for parties and events. Now that would be cool!

Tickets for the cream tea cruise are normally £11 for adults and £8.50 for children. You can find out more about the cruise details and booking here. You can also follow Stuart Line Cruises on Instagram here and check out the latest sailing information on their Facebook page here.

** Whilst tickets for the Cream Tea Cruise were provided to us on a complimentary basis by Stuart Line Cruises, all thoughts and opinions expressed in this blogpost are my own.**

Have you ever been on a cruise like this? What did you think? Let me know in the comments below!



115 Responses

  1. I’ve never been to a cruise like this,to be honest I would totally be terrified of being on it since I usually get sea sick and then panic would just take over and I would end up ruining the whole cruise for everyone and be the one girl that destroyed the cruise. I need to get over my fear though ONE DAY. Hopefully.

  2. How quaint. I love the name of the boat Tudor Rose and how brightly painted it is. I have never heard of a Cream Tea Cruise but how splendid to travel from one place to another. I have been on short cruises off Tampa Bay in Florida many years ago.

  3. Love this! This would be right up my street – the boat looks fab and what could be better than a cream tea? *now craving scones*

  4. This looks like a lot of fun. We have something similar in the Philadelphia area and I’ve always wanted to try it. You took a lot of great photos and that scone looks great.

  5. Cream tea cruise is a unique idea. I always wanted to experience riding in a cruise ship.. We were saving for it until now.. Tudor Rose is a great pick..

  6. what a cool idea. I haven’t been on a cruise in forever. I have always wanted to go on a cruise. On my bucket list for sure.

  7. Aww how fun!!! I’d love to do this someday when I get to visit your country and I’m sure my little boy would adore the boats!!!

  8. Cruises are a great to have fun times. Floating on water with dishes and delicacies and looking beyond the horizon are moments that make us forget there exist heaven. I have always loved them.

  9. Wow an open deck this March that was a brave move. You must have been chilly. The blankets are a great touch though and it does look like a lovely trip

  10. This looks like a lot of fun! And the tea and snacks look delicious! I would love to take my kiddos on this cruise one day.

  11. I never been in a cruise before, but it sounds like you had a great experience. I would love to experience this if we have one near my place. Love your post!

  12. This looks like a lot of fun, and getting scones too, that would top it all off for me indeed! It seems like you had a lovely time.

  13. I haven’t been a major cruise before but I have been on one in Vermont where they went around Lake Champlain. It was really beautiful and this looks beautiful as well.

  14. This sounds like a lovely treat! Growing up in Cornwall, I do love a good cream tea and this sounds like such a lovely, novel way to have one.

  15. This sounds delightful! What a wonderful way to spend the day: sightseeing, the ocean, tea and scones brought to you and waited on hand and foot. What fun!! It’s a great life ???????? Xo, Evelyn, PathofPresence.com ????

  16. I just got off a cruise through a Philippine beach, but that was for swimming in different islands.
    This one you shared is a whole lot of different cruise. It is something I wouldn’t mind experience though. I love tea and I cruising. Doubly wonderful!

  17. My dream is to not only visit the UK but move there so when that dream does come true I am for sure signing up for this boat cruise. We have similar ones here and ones like that here in my state, North Carolina since we are only about 20 minutes from the coast the of the Atlantic Ocean and 4 rivers. My kids and I enjoy them very much. They love the dolphin tour ones the best.

  18. There’s something so relaxing about being on the water. I would love to take this cruise to celebrate a special occasion like Mother’s Day or just because.

  19. We’ve done some sightseeing trips and always have a great time on the boat. The after dinner cruise was my favorite. Scones and Tea would have been a nice treat on it though.

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