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Hi there and welcome to Scrapbook Adventures – a travel and adventure blog full of fun days out, holiday memories and recommendations on places to visit and stay both here in the South West of England and further afield.

My name’s Rachel and I started this website back in 2017 following some prompting from my better half Nathan (who happens to be a web designer which is rather handy!).

I used toenjoy making real-life scrapbooks of all our adventures together and spent hours cutting up photos, sticking in tickets and decorating with fancy embellishments. However, it had started to become really time consuming and that whilst I enjoyed it, I could never keep up on all our travels. Clever ole’ Nathan came up with the idea of putting our adventures online so not only would we have a permanent and easily accessible record of our adventures, but
by sharing them, other people might find them interesting or useful!

We are lucky enough to live in wonderful Cornwall and believe there’s no better place to live! Full of quaint market towns, stunning countryside, incredible coastline and brilliant beaches, Cornwall is not just a wonderful place for tourists to visit but a world of opportunity for locals to explore too. Nathan and I have been lucky to explore much of Cornwall in our time together but know there’s lots more on offer and we love sharing it all with you. Before the whole pandemic thing got in our way we were avid travellers and our recent holidays include city breaks to Vienna and Geneva, a romantic weekend to Sorrento and cruise around the Mediterranean.

In my life outside of Scrapbook Adventures I work full time as a Clinical Psychologist within the NHS. Let’s just say it’s a very different day job from what I do on here with this site! I am a firm believer in looking after my mental wellbeing and exploring our world though Scrapbook Adventures is one way I do that! When I am not working for the NHS or writing away on the blog, I enjoy spending time with friends and my family who live back in Kent.

I love arts and crafts, afternoon teas and have developed a recent love of gardening (I think that shows my age!).

So I think that’s about all you need to know for now. If you’re interested in exploring the Cornish coast and seeing what Nathan and I get up to on our travels near and far, then take a look around the website and don’t forget to follow our Scrapbooks accounts across social media!

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